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Two Distinct Cap's Stores

Port Moody

Electric bike store only.

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New Westminster

Wide selection of bicycles, accessories and everything you need to keep your cycling life active.

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Kids' Bike Guide

With bikes available for all ages and stages, you can get your kids started off right. Cycling helps develop balance and instill healthy habits. It also gives children a sense of freedom and responsibility that builds confidence on and off the bicycle. This guide will walk you through your options.

Finance your bike

Paperless process takes less than five minutes and can be completed from any location. The credit decisions are instant, so you'll know right away if you've been approved and how much you can spend.

Lumos: The Next Generation Bicycle Helmet

The world's first smart bicycle helmet that integrates front and rear lights, hard brake, and turn signals into a single cohesive whole.


$127.49 - $140.24
$69.99 - $149.99
$129.99 - $149.99
$84.99 - $93.49
$9.99 - $40.00
$2.25 - $2.50
$25.00 - $50.00