Royal City Baker's Dozen


With help from Fraser River Fuggitivi, the Salvation Army and the local Rotary Club, the Original Bike Club is hosting the hardest ride of the season: the Annual Royal City Baker's Dozen Invitational Hill Climb Challenge.

13 Toughest Hills in New Westminster
8-22% Grade
Recorded on Strava
Bragging Rights


The Date: Sunday, November 5th at 930am-ish (official starting horn goes off between 930am and 10am)

The Invitation:

  • Each rider from selected clubs are allowed to invite ONE cyclist who is not part of their club. The guest rider must sign a waiver on the day of ride as this is an official club event, (sorry BC residents only):

  • the Original Bike Club
  • FR Fuggitivi
  • Just Giver 4PD
  • Velo Vets
  • Tri Cities Cycling Club

The Route and Rules:

  • 13 of the toughest hills will be pre-marked on Strava and the list and map will only be given out on the day of the ride.

  • Each rider must choose their own route and complete ALL 13 hills.

  • Riders must record their rides on Strava (if they want to participate in hill-specific King/Queen of the Mountain (KOM/QOM) challenges.

  • Every rider will be given a rider number sticker

  • Each rider must stop at the top of each designated hill, meet with a volunteer and tear out a page of the volunteer's book, (the page number that corresponds to their rider number). The riders must keep these pages and collect all 13 to be presented at the end of the ride

The Donation: Each rider will be expected to product a donation item from the list of much needed supplies for the Salvation Army, (the official list of supplies need will be emailed to each rider accepted)

the Deadline: Registration is open until Friday, November 3rd.