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Havoc Storm Pro Scooter
The Havoc Storm complete pro scooter is our top selling scooter in North America, With the young rider in mind, It was built around quality, and affordability. The Havoc Storm is also fully customizable, and will grow with the rider and his capabilities. With its intergraded Head tube, fully sealed bearings, forged steel fork, new flex brake design, and 110mm spoked wheels, it makes for a great Pro Scooter that will last.
Havoc Hoss
$239.99 $399.99 40% Off
The all new Havoc Hoss Pro Scooter! This scooter will do everything you need and more, but is aimed towards the street style rider. Comes with 27”x24” Bars, a 5.3” wide deck with concave, and all new aluminium knockouts, and aluminium bar ends. Like all of our products, Quality and affordability is our goal. All Hoss Pro scooters come with A set of extra wheels and grips! ** All Hoss Pro models come completely black, with choice of either Pink or green bonus grips and wheels**
Havoc Descendant Pro Scooter
Introducing the Descendant Pro Scooter.
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