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Bosch Bosch Smartphone Hub Kit 1500
The Bosch Smartphone Hub retrofit kit allows you to upgrade your current Bosch e-bike Purion, Intuvia, Nyon or KioX system into a state of the art data center. The Bosch Smartphone Hub retrofit kit transforms a Bosch powered e-bike into a fully networked bicycle that's simply loaded with tons of useful data. From live weather forecasts, fitness tracking, music streaming, GPS navigation, session recording and so much more. Upgrade the intelligence of your Bosch e-bike today and make it part of the new digital connected life. Your e-bike can also be ridden without a smartphone thanks to the integrated LCD display on the head unit which allows the rider to see all the standard information about the system such as speed, assist level, battery state of charge, and more. The SmartphoneHub works with all standard handlebars and modern smartphones. Whether you have an Android or iPhone, the SmartphoneHub turns your smartphone into a multifunctional cockpit and your pedelec into a smart connected eBike thanks to the FREE APP which can be downloaded from the Apple APP Store or Google Play Store. Bosch Smartphone Hub Features The easy way to get started: The Quick Start Guide helps users access the most important functions of the SmartphoneHub and the COBI.Bike app in just a few steps. Keeping hands on the handlebar: The voice output means that riders no longer have to look at the display - whether while navigating or changing functions. Fast route planning: by saving their favorite places, riders can now reach their destinations even faster. Selecting route profiles: riders can choose between the fastest, shortest and quietest route. Optional mount: special smartphone cases are available for iPhone owners. Updates: The SmartphoneHub is updated directly via the COBI.Bike app. Service: A display provides information about the next service appointment. Software updates and fault diagnostics for the other components can be performed by the dealer using the diagnostic tool. Walk assistance: This function, which can be activated in two steps, helps you push your eBike at speeds of up to 4 mph / 6.4 kph – whether you're carrying luggage aboard or not, or if you're overcoming obstacles. Light: You can turn the light on and off using the system's control unit (if the bike is equipped with lighting) What's Included: • Smartphone Universal mount • Smartphone Compact control unit (cable: 350 mm) • Smartphone Drive unit cable 1500 mm mounting kit • Rubber mounting spacers (25.4 mm, 31.8 mm, 35.0 mm) • Mounting material *Note: Initialization of the Bosch Smartphone hub retrofit kit by a Bosch service center may be required on some models of e-bikes. The installation will require the removal of the non-drive side cover and crank arm.
iGO Igo Extreme 3.0 Fat Tire
Designed by Canadians for exceptional four season performance. The iGO eXtreme 3.0 was conceived to withstand the full force and diversity of the Canadian climate. It is built to excel wherever and whenever there is a will to ride. Feature rich, with immense power at your fingertips, rolling on some of the largest fat bike tires available in North America; the only limits are the ones you set yourself. Ergonomic control panel and independent thumb throttle The most powerful eBike motor permitted on Canadian roads 4.5” fat tires and XL disc brakes providing safety, stability and control Genuine SHIMANO components A true four season electric bike that dominates in all conditions OPTIMIZED 500W MOTOR The geared brushless motor system is exceptionally efficient and smooth -maximizing power transfer and minimize power loss. Delivering up to an incredible 80Nm of torque to ensure you can fly up any hill effortlessly. MULTIFUNCTION DISPLAY The LCD backlit display located on the handlebar acts as your ‘in ride’ dashboard, providing all the essential information about your speed and bike performance as well as light controls and diagnostic information for the bikes electronic components. RST SUSPENSION FORK With 100mm of travel for absorbing bumps or potholes to keep you in control and comfortable over all terrain. A ‘pre-load’ dial provides the option to increase/decrease the stiffness while the lockout control can be engaged to eliminate the travel completely for more responsive and efficient riding when moving over flat ground. GENUINE SHIMANO COMPONENTS The SHIMANO ALTUS rapidfire 8-speed trigger shifting system offers exceptional on and off road performance for stress free shifting every time. Combining SHIMANO’s technical expertise withan innovative Narrow Wide chainring delivers the most reliable, error free performance possible.
Bulls Sturmvogel EVO Street
$3,999.99 $4,599.00 13% Off
The Sturmvogel has very impressive stats when taken a close look at. This fully rigid eBike has a charge time that goes from 0 – 100% in approximately 5 hours. It’s an aluminum hybrid that’s ideal for anyone trying to make their commute faster or just relax and enjoy recreational riding. The drive unit behind the Sturmvogel EVO Street is a 37V, 650 watt-hour battery in conjunction with Brose’s 250W motor. The range of performance it offers is more than 115 miles on one charge, depending on riding style, load, and terrain. This multi-function hybrid offers an internal 8-speed hub from Shimano Nexus, keeping maintenance low and giving a clean look. Shimano hydraulic disc brakes are equipped to ensure responsive braking when needed, especially given the bike's ability to boost you to fast speeds quickly. The Sturmvogel features one of the highest-performing rechargeable batteries on the market. The battery is perfectly integrated into the frame yet easy to remove for external charging. The motor is a mid-engine design, so it is concealed in the bottom bracket shell for an ideal center of gravity. The Sturmvogel is the ultimate eBike with 4 modes ranging from Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo to accommodate any assist levels you desire.
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