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Cap's Cares is the new service package offered at the time of new bicycle purchase.

This Package Includes:

  • Life Time Brake and Gear Adjustment.
  • Half Price on all labour.
  • One Year of Cap's Bike Club Membership.
  • Access to Cycling Knowledge Clinics.

Cap's Cares

Only $19.99 at the time of new bicycle purchase!

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GENESIS Trafik Folding 8
A comfortable 8 speed folding bike with racks, fenders, and 20" tires. Ride around the neighborhood or fold it into your trunk and go for an adventure.
Kettler '53 Corvette Pedal Car
There's nothing like a classic car. Let your child have their own! This top notch pedal car has rubber tires for smooth rolling as well as a steering wheel for a car like feel.
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