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Cap's Cares is the new service package offered at the time of new bicycle purchase.

This Package Includes:

  • Life Time Brake and Gear Adjustment.
  • Half Price on all labour.
  • One Year of Cap's Bike Club Membership.
  • Access to Cycling Knowledge Clinics.

Cap's Cares

Only $19.99 at the time of new bicycle purchase!

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Fyxation Third Ward
10% Off
The Third Ward is a classic Dutch style step through bike. Named after the historic 3rd Ward neighborhood here in Milwaukee, this upright steel 3 speed bike is perfect for cruising around town and is geared for the city. Built around a simple Shimano 3 speed hub with an easy to use grip shifter, this bike features elegant 1 color paint and simple styling. Finished off by matching painted fenders, painted chain guard and a built in rack, this bike is perfect for any city.
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