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Following on from a fantastic first year - our Original Bike Club is back for 2017 and we have been working hard to improve and expand our ride club. Our ethos is "to be the ultimate introduction to the world of cycling and guide you on your way to becoming a more confident and capable cyclist."

For 2017 as well as our friendly group rides, we shall also be introducing our club to triathlons and adventure cycling! The two additional clubs are available to all club members for no additional cost: 

  • the Original Triathlon Club is not an official provincial tri club but provides new and aspiring beginner/intermediate triathletes meetup opportunities to train together. We will also be hosting 5 events, partnering with coaches who will isolate each of the 3 sports involved: swim, bike and run. Begins Monday, January 16th.
  • the Original Adventure Club shares the ethos of our ride club. Our goal is to help people who have aspirations to go on cycling adventures but who may lack off-road touring knowledge, experience, confidence or companions to do it. We will be organizing 8 adventure trips throughout 2017. Begins April.

Existing members need to renew their membership details with us - new members can sign up in-store. Club details


Retul Vantage and Muve Bike Fitting 


We're excited to announce the addition of the Retul's Vantage and Muve bike fit technologies to our BodyGeometry fit services.

  • The Retul Vantage motion capture system is a class leading fit tool that gathers real-time 3-dimensional data of the rider's movement using a wireless harness with 8 LEDS being tracked by a custom camera. 
  • This 3D motion capture allows both the riders and the fit technician to see the riders motion in the same way. 
  • Millimetre precision and dynamic measurements of joint angles allow for the best possible fit experience. 
  • At the end of the process, the rider walks away with a full report of their bike setup and body position. This document allows any bike to be easily matched to these measurements. 
  • The Retul Muve allows the rider to quickly experience changes in bicycle equipment and size without changing actual parts. 
  • The Muve bike helps riders quickly and easily understand the differences between bike models and sizes without having to get off the bike. 

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New year, New Look! 


If you haven't been into our store recently you'll be in for a big surprise! We've undergone a beautiful renovation, moved our repair shop into its own building, built a dedicated bike fit studio and we've even got a coffee table and chairs!   Our store is now easier to navigate and even better equipped to suit your cycling needs! 


2017 Specialized Sequoia

If you've ever felt torn between a "traditional" road bike and a dedicated touring rig, you're not alone. Now, though, the Sequoia Elite gives you both by combining the two in one genre-bending bike. It has everything you need to hit the road and not look back.


Pearl Izumi Elite Tall Wool Socks

Pearl's ELITE Tall Wool Sock is a rider favorite for its fit, moisture transfer, and insulation when wet, and it now has added Merino Wool in the heel and toe area to improve comfort without adding bulk. Made with an extended cuff height, it delivers year-round performance in all types of weather.