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Worldwide Bicycle Shortage

At Cap’s we want to share with you what is happening with bicycle availability during the pandemic. There has been a demand surge for anything bicycle related. From bicycles to car racks to parts there are shortages and delivery delays. There are shortages of raw materials such as aluminum, this is causing manufacturing times to be extended out farther then we have ever seen. Shipping times have gone up 4x as the demand for shipping containers is out stripping supply.

Cap’s is working with multiple suppliers to source inventory for our customers. We are finding that it is taking months instead of days to receive product from our suppliers.

What does this mean to our customers looking for a new bike? Cap’s has improved its website to update inventory every 30 minutes. Check our website regularly to see if there is bike you like. Purchases can be made on-line or by phone 604-524-3611. There are bikes arriving but in small quantities. We may not have the exact model or colour you want but we might have a bike that will satisfy your needs. Suppliers have told us to expect this situation for the next 12-18 months.

If you have a bike now is a good time to bring it into the shop for a refresh. Keep your old bike operating and enjoy riding this summer. We don’t recommend that you sell your old bike prior to securing a new bike.

With the uncertainty of supply we cannot be certain of delivery dates. These are moving targets at this time. For this reason we will only show on our website and sell bikes that we physically have in stock. We value the relationship we have with all our customers and don’t want to break any hearts.

Cap’s greatly appreciates your business and patience as we navigate through these unique times together.