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Hybrid Bikes in Stock

Great for Fitness, Commuting, Bike Paths & More

Looking for a bike that you can use to commute on during the week and to explore new paths on the weekend? Look no further than the versatile hybrid bike. Hybrids offer the cushioned ride of a mountain bike with the sportiness of a road bike. Add a rack, lights, and fenders to create one bike that can do it all.

Genesis Trafik 1.0 SE

$499.99 Sale Price

Great bike for those who are looking to ride around town mixed with some light trail riding.

Norco XFR

Norco XFR: Your Perfect Ride, Every Ride.

The XFR is perfect for anyone who lives for shortcuts through the forest and riders who prefer the road less travelled.

Norco VFR

Norco VFR

If you're looking to get around town, enjoy a sunny summer day, and get a bike that can take you places, look no further than the VFR.

Add Lights to Your Bike

Pop on a Helmet

Lazer Sport Compact

Lazer Sport Compact

$49.99 Sale Price

The Compact helmet provides comfort, safety and style, in an attractive and low-priced package. One size is all you need with this helmet.

Specialized Mode

Specialized Mode 40% Off

$99.00 Sale Price

The new Mode helmet is designed to fit just right and keep you feeling, and looking cool.