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Team Fuggitivi 2019

Fraser River Fuggitivi 2019

We are thrilled to once again sponsor this great, local club! 

Fuggitivi is the Italian expression for breakaway riders; the translation, perhaps unsurprisingly, is ‘fugitives’. It seemed like an appropriate choice for a name as sometimes escaping one’s other commitments to go for a ride can feel like being a fugitive. It is also the term in professional road racing for the group breaking away off the front of the peloton. Italy is synonymous with a passion for road cycling as well as an appreciation for style and craftsmanship – ideals that we appreciate.

We don’t train to race, or race to train. We ride to ride: for camaraderie, community, and simply to cycle. And for beer (#MoreMilesMoreBeer is our hashtag), which is why one of our sponsors is Steel & Oak.

Always in our thoughts is one of our founding members and a crucial cog in the drivetrain of the FRF ethos, John Lee, who passed away in 2015. He his memorialized on our jerseys, forever clipped in.

The Fuggitivi was formed by New Westminster roadie and New Zealand expat Guy Wilson-Roberts. He lives along the Quay and he got tired of trudging up the city’s interminable hills and rolling all the way into Vancouver to join a peloton of like-minded weekend athletes. By the time he got there, he was already pooped and of a mind to head back home.

So he put out a call on social media for fellow riders to come to him.

A few did. Those early pelotons were pretty modest; sometimes Wilson-Roberts’ group ride was just him.

But his persistence paid off; the group is growing.

This year there are about about 20 Fuggitivi (it’s the Italian word for fugitive) escaping the responsibility of their everyday lives twice a week for a few hours of freedom on the road; the group does a long ride of about 80-100 km every Sunday morning and a shorter, more intense climbing ride on Tuesday evenings.

There’s plenty of advantages to riding with a collegial group: