The Basics: $60

  • Brake & gear adjustment
  • Wipe & lube chain
  • Inspect & inflate tires
  • Bolts tightened
  • Test ride
  • Parts not included
The Essentials: $90
  • Bicycle diagnostics
  • Includes The Basics, plus:
  • Minor wheel true
  • Hanger Alignment
  • Bearing adjustment (headset, BB, hubs)
  • Brake pad replacement labour
  • Cable replacement labour
  • Bike wipe down
  • Test ride
  • Extra parts not included

   The Annual Works: $130    

  • Bicycle diagnostics
  • Includes The Essentials, plus:
  • Strip and clean drive train or install new      
  • Test ride
  • Extra parts not included

The Overhaul

 $250 Rigid-Frame

$350 Dual-Suspension

  • Complete re-build of bicycle
  • Installation labour of new parts included   
  • New Cables and Housing included
  • Test ride
  • Extra parts not included




Do you have a bike dream? We're here to help! 

the Original Bike shop stocks a huge selection of parts and accessories to fit on almost any product on the market. We have several senior mechanics and staff who routinely build their own dream bikes. If you have an image in your head, we can help make that a two-wheeled reality! 

Come speak with one of our experienced mechanics who can help you select a frame and all the parts you need to build that bike. Then let us work our magic: facing the frames head tube and bottom bracket shell, greasing all the bearings, and installing all the parts so that your custom bike will run...well, like a dream.

Interested in doing a dream build? Contact us by phone at 604-524-3611 or by email at