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the Original Bike Shop has three certified Body Geometry Fitting specialists on staff and performs fittings on a regular basis for all types of customers. Whether you're getting onto a new bike for the first time or a seasoned triathlete or road rider, we can help you be the most comfortable possible on your bike. We have a huge range of fitting options, from basic to comprehensive three hour Body Geometry sessions and follow ups. Let us help you get the most out of your cycling experience! 

Check out the fitting options below and contact us at for more details! 

Basic Sizing Fit for Fitness Body Geometry Fit

with Retül 3D motion capture

15 minute appoitment with our fitter. They will help you decide if a more comprehensive fit maybe of benefit and any changes to equipment which may increase your comfort and enjoyment on your bike. 

  • Seat height setup
  • Cockpit setup
  • Equipment suggestions

30 minute session that involves the rider on their bike in the store with a certified fitter who will make micro adjustments and refine your riding position. 

  • Pre-fit interview
  • 4-step Physical Assesment
  • Saddle Selection
  • Seat height
  • Arch Support
  • Handlebar height and reach

 3 hour fit which will take your injury history, riding goals, and many other aspects of your life into account in order to ensure the most comfortable, efficient fit possible.

  • The Retul Vantage motion capture system is a class leading fit tool that gathers real-time 3-dimensional data of the rider's movement.
  • This 3D motion capture allows both the riders and the fit technician to see the riders motion in the same way. 
  • Millimetre precision and dynamic measurements of joint angles allow for the best possible fit experience. 
  • Report of your bike setup and body position.




Retul Zin Cleat Alignment Retul Muve Session
The Zin can measure fixed points, and curves, providing a complete digital map of the bike. Allowing your to easily replicate and record your bike set up.  Alignment of cleats to allow proper power exertion and limit chance of injury. A must for anyone using clipless pedals.  15 minute session with our fitter on the Muve bike. Try out different frame sizes, stem lengths and seat heights in quick sucession. 
$50 $50 $50/15mins