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Cap's Bike Shop has partnered with Cycle Cult for bike fit services. All bike fits performed in the New Westminster Cap's Bike Shop. 

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Bikes come in a limited number of shapes and sizes. Cyclists do not. Bike manufacturers use adjustable components so their bikes can be made to accommodate a larger cross-section of riders. Our bike fitter knows which adjustments needs to be made to each of these components so that you and your bicycle can truly become one. At Cap`s we have NCCP Level 2 Cycling Coach and certified Retul Bike Fitter, Ryan Petersen,  (one of only two Level 2 Bike Fitters in the province).

Anyone who plans to spend any length of time riding a bicycle will benefit greatly from a professional bike fit. A proper fit can:

  • Improve overall rider comfort
  • Help prevent cycling-induced repetitive stress injuries
  • Reduce or eliminate back, knee, neck and wrist pain
  • Reduce or eliminate “hot foot”
  • Reduce or eliminate saddle discomfort and genital numbness
  • Reduce or eliminate numbness in the hands and fingers
  • Reduce rider fatigue

Due to high client demand and the limited availability of appointments, we have instituted a "No Show and Late Cancellation" policy that will result in full payment should you cancel or reschedule your appointment with less than 48 hours' notice or do not show up for your appointment.

Increase Comfort

No matter your level of riding, comfort is crucial for sustaining time spent on the bike.

Injury Prevention

The correct position keeps your body aligned on the bike, helping to prevent injuries.


An optimal position not only increases comfort—it maximizes both power and endurance.

Duration: 1.5 hour 

Price: $150 
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Rider Interview
The Bike Fitter will initially want to get to know you as a rider. You will discuss injury history, riding experience, current issues, and aspirations before beginning to analyze your position.

Physical and Flexibility Assessment
Your session will include a thorough physical and flexibility assessment. Including analysis of current foot structure, spinal flexion, shoulder range of motion, and pelvic rotations to name a few. This information allows for accurately assessing your touch point equipment (Handlebars, saddles, shoes/pedals) and making adjustments with a sound biomechanical foundation.

Saddle Selection
Using measuring tools our Bike Fitter will assess your pelvic width. Taking this data into consideration, along with your personalized riding style will help determine the appropriate saddle width, contour, and density for your specific riding needs.

Optimized Saddle Position
Ensuring correct saddle position is a key component of bike fit. The Bike Fitter will help you arrive at a saddle position that provides low impact, high efficiency, and appropriate leg extension for your cycling journey. Using the knee as a fulcrum we will effectively set your position in relation to the pedal spindle, optimizing power output and ensuring comfortable, efficient pedaling.

Handlebar Selection (Width, Reach, Drop Shape)
Taking the time to find out what your preferred riding experience is and using your unique structure as a foundation; the Bike Fitter will work with you on an appropriate handlebar shape, reach, and width in order to support your unique upper body structure and enhance your riding experience.

Preferred experience
Whether your looking for an upright, comfort ride or an aggressive, race position; the Bike Fitter will help you optimize your handlebar placement in order to promote comfort, power, and efficiency while riding in the hoods, drops, and tops of your handlebar.

Handlebar Rotation and Shifter Placement
The Bike Fitter will take the time to adjust handlebar rotation and shifter placement. This will allow you a comfortable shifter reach and a neutral wrist angle in both the hood and drop positions of your handlebar.

Complete Z-Plane assessment and adjustment, accounting for Leg Length Discrepancies, foot structure, and optimizing hip, knee, and ankle alignment.
The key to efficient, powerful, and comfortable pedaling is appropriate cleat and shoe setup. As such, the Bike Fitter will account for all aspects of cleat alignment and foot structure. Using a variety of foot beds, internal and external wedges, and shims, the Bike Fitter will work with you to optimize your relationship with both your shoe and pedal systems; creating a perfect union between you and your ride.

Duration: 3 Hours

Price: $350
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Retül Fit is more than just a bike fit—it’s a way to learn about your body, the root cause of your aches and pains, and how a proper fit will help you achieve your cycling goals.

A Retul Fit includes all of the biomechanical assessments of a Basic Bike Fit plus many more. Additionally, using 3D motion capture technology, the Retül system accurately measures every degree of movement and millimeter of distance, providing you and the fitter with data to support the choices made during the fit for your cycling equipment and personal riding experience.

Duration: 4 hours

Price: $450
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This 4 hour bike fit takes into account joint, muscle, load factors, angles, equipment, point-of-contact positioning, pedal force and biomechanical calculations to formulate the ideal position of rider on bicycle. Perfect for the rider who is seeking to improve comfort, reduce injury risk and enhance cycling efficiency on an aero or triathlon bike.


Retül Bike Fit +

Duration: 4 Hours

Price: $500 
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No matter your cycling experience, a Retül Bike Fit makes riding more enjoyable by making you more efficient while reducing the chance of injury and increasing comfort on the bike. Using 3D motion capture technology, in addition to information collected from a biomechanical assessment, the Retül system accurately measures every degree of movement and millimetre of distance, providing you and the fitter with data to support the choices made during the fit for cycling equipment and personal riding experience. 

This package includes custom Footbeds.

Cleat Fitting
Duration: 45 minutes

Price: $75
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Utilizing the Ergon TP1 Pedal Cleat tool allows for precise and easy adjustment of the cleats to cycling shoes. The ergonomically correct positioning of the feet on the pedals plays a crucial role and is responsible for performance and comfort.

Custom Footbeds

Duration: 90 Minutes

Price: $200 
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Ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to increase power, endurance and comfort through a precise, custom-level of hip, knee and foot alignment. Consider them a fast and easy way to take your performance to the highest possible level.

Created in 90-minutes or less, you will have a ready-to-use custom foot-bed specifically molded to the contours of the foot.

Accreditation & Certification

RYAN PETERSEN - Bike Fitter & Cycling Coach

  • Lead PowerWatts Coach
    Fortius Sport & Health 2019
  • Sports Nutrition Diploma
    Shaw Academy 2019
  • Level 2 Retul Bike Fit 2019
  • Level 1 Retul Bike Fit 2018
  • Body Geometry Bike Fit 2013
  • My First/Next Fondo Program Developer 2015
    Gran Fondo Canada
  • NCCP Level 2 Coach 2015
  • General Manager 2011- 2018
    Cap's Bike Shop